Frequently Asked Questions

When is Natasha’s next book out?
The Riviera House will be published on August 31 in Australia and North America, and the UK in March 2022 For more information, including pre-order links, click here.

Are The French Photographer and The Paris Orphan the same book?
Yes, they are. The book is published in Australia, New Zealand and the UK as The French Photographer. My US publisher decided to publish it as The Paris Orphan. If you purchased the book in error, please contact the book seller.

My book club is reading your book – are there notes and questions we can use?
Yes, there are resources for each of the following books:
– The Paris Secret
– The French Photographer/The Paris Orphan
– The Paris Seamstress

Do I need to read the books in order?
No, you don’t. They are all stand-alone titles. Occasionally, a character in one book may appear in another, which is fun for readers to spot. However, if you do want to read them in the order they were published, here’s the list (from oldest to most recently published)
A Kiss from Mr Fitzgerald
Her Mother’s Secret
The Paris Seamstress
The French Photographer/The Paris Orphan(the same book but published under a different title in the US)
The Paris Secret
The Riviera House (coming in 2021)

I’m organising an event and would love you to speak at it. Would you consider appearing?
Firstly, thank you for thinking of me! Secondly, can I refer you to the Australian Society of Author’s Recommended Rates of Pay which provide a framework around what you might expect to pay an author for their time. I do relish the opportunity to attend events and meet readers face to face but I take my participation very seriously. When you factor in travel time, preparation and research, the commitment can add up to many hours of work. Given the tight writing deadlines to which I am contractually bound, and the demands of my young family, I’m only able to take on limited appearances.

Are you available to speak at our book club?
While I’m so grateful book clubs who select my novels for discussion I am, unfortunately, unable to attend book club events, either virtually or in person.

Are all of your books available in paperback and ebook?
In Australia, and the UK, all of my books are available in paperback and eBook.
In the US, you can also buy the books in either format, except for Her Mother’s Secret and A Kiss from Mr Fitzgerald, which are only available as eBooks and not in paperback.
To buy any of my books online, please visit the following:
– The Riviera House (pre-order only)
– The Paris Secret
– The French Photographer/The Paris Orphan
– The Paris Seamstress
– Her Mother’s Secret
– A Kiss from Mr Fitzgerald

Why do the books have different covers in different countries?
I have different publishers in each country and decisions over cover design are made by them on the basis of their knowledge of what will appeal aesthetically to local readers.

I found a mistake in one of your books. Should I let you know?
Rest assured that all of my books get edited multiple times before going to print, but editors are human and mistakes do, occasionally, slip through. Sometimes, we are able to fix them for additional print runs and eBook editions. So yes, please let me know via the contact page if you spot something that could be fixed.

I’m an aspiring author.  What are your top writing tips?
My top tip is to sit down and start! All you need to begin writing is an idea, and some time. I’ve written many, many articles about my own writing process, which you can find in the diary section of this website. They include tips on how to find time for your writing and how I write my first drafts. From time to time, I also teach courses about writing craft. Visit the Events page of my website to see if I have any upcoming courses.

How do you research your books?
I tend to start with an idea (or a few, ideally!) which has usually been sparked through research. But I don’t go into too much detail at this point. Generally, I try to write a first draft, then go back and carry out more thorough research. I’ve written extensively about the specific processes for each of my book in the Diary section of this website. But a good place to start is here.

Could I please send you my book for endorsement or review?
My reading-for-review time is quite limited but if you are a publisher, agent or author who would like me to read the manuscript of a forthcoming novel with a view to an endorsement quote, please pass on your requests via my agent, Kevan Lyon.

I’m a book reviewer/blogger – could I get an advance copy of your book?
Requests for advance reader copies are handled by my publicist. Please select your country of origin.

Are you available for author talks and/or blog interviews?
For all publicity requests, including booking me for an author talk, or for interview requests, please click on the relevant country below to send an email to my publicist: