In Novel Writing Essentials, I’ll take you through everything you need to know about novel writing. From character to plot, point of view and voice, if you’re after a comprehensive overview or a refresher on the most important things to consider when writing a book, then this course is for you.


We will spend a full and fun day using examples from published novels and my own experience as a bestselling author to discuss:

  • things that get in the way of writing and how to overcome them
  • different approaches to getting a first draft started and finished
  • voice and point of view: what they are and why publishers crave stories with a distinctive voice
  • character development: how to ensure readers form a connection with your main character
  • plotting basics: how to keep readers turning the pages
  • setting: bringing the world of your story to life
  • dialogue: mastering the art of getting your characters to talk
  • language: avoiding cliches and making your writing sing

You’ll leave the course with your novelist’s toolkit firmly in hand—that is, a good understanding of the essentials any writer needs to know in order to make their story engaging to readers.


Novel Writing Essentials is aimed at:

  • those who’d like a comprehensive overview of the most important things to consider when writing a book
  • those who’d like to write a book but don’t know how to begin
  • lapsed writers who’d like to find a way back into their stories
  • writers who’ve been working away in secret on their book for a while but are ready to get some ideas from a published author about how to improve their writing
  • those who would like to know more about the craft of writing
  • anyone who is stuck on their draft and not sure how to progress


Natasha’s third book, the bestseller A Kiss from Mr Fitzgerald, was picked up in a two-book deal by Hachette Australia after a bidding war amongst publishers. Her latest book, The Paris Seamstress, was published by Hachette in March 2018 and went straight into the bestseller charts. She also published Her Mother’s Secret in 2017. Natasha is published internationally in the UK, US and Europe.

As well as the historical novels mentioned above, Natasha has also published two contemporary women’s fiction/literary fiction novels: the award-winning What is Left Over, After and If I Should Lose You, so she has experience with writing across different fiction genres.

She regularly conducts sell-out writing workshops for The Australian Writers’ Centre, libraries, and other local writers’ centres. She has been awarded grants for her writing by the Australia Council, as well as residencies at local and national writers’ centres. The Age newspaper has described her as “a remarkable Australian talent.” She is on the board of directors of WritingWA.


Writing a novel is hard work. Not just getting the words onto the page, but getting the words onto the page in a way that makes people want to read them, as well as battling things like procrastination, fear of failure, guilt, doubt and all the other mind games.

This course is designed to work through the novelist’s toolkit with you—essentials like plot, character and dialogue—but will also talk to you about writing process—how exactly does one write a first draft, what different approaches could you take, how can you write a book when all you have is an idea but not a story?

There are lots of writing courses out there. But my course draws on my experience of having published 5 books recently in the Australian market. I talk to agents and publishers regularly so I have some understanding of the kinds of things they’re looking for, as well as what they’re not looking for. I think it’s really important that if you want to learn to write, you learn from someone who is published recently, who is experienced and who is well connected to the publishing industry. I believe I am all of those things.

And yes, you can try to teach yourself to write a book. Plenty of writers do. But I also believe that there are many elements of writing that can be taught and that it can be much quicker to learn them from someone whose job is to write books. That’s my job! It might just save you some time in the long run—and writing a book is a long process anyway!


Novel Writing Essentials will be held on 20 October, 2018 from 10am-3pm at The Grove Library Community Centre, 1 Leake Street, Peppermint Grove.


For all bookings made up to and including July 31, the price is $139. After that, the price will increase to $169. The price includes morning tea, tea, coffee and water. The class is limited to just 16 participants so don’t leave it too late to book! If you’d like to ask me any questions about the course, you can email me here.


Unfortunately I am not able to refund your money if you change your mind after August 1, 2018. You are welcome to have a friend come in your place however.