Everything I Know About Writing – BOOKED OUT

My very first book, a literary novel called What is Left Over, After, sold about 2,000 copies. Last year, my sixth book, The Paris Orphan / The French Photographer, was a New York Times bestseller and sold hundreds of thousands of copies. This year, The Paris Secret, my latest book, hit the Top 10 fiction bestsellers here in Australia for a number of weeks. I’ve learned quite a lot in the years between that first book and my latest book and I thought some of what I know might be useful to other writers out there. Hence this course: Everything I Know About Writing.

What’s It About

Like I said, I’ve learned a thing or two over the ten years and seven books of my writing career. I’ve learned how to get the words down, what a first draft is and what a submittable draft is, how to create characters readers love, what publishers are looking for, what readers are looking for, and, most importantly, how to get all of that onto the page.

So, I plan to share all of that with you in Everything I Know About Writing. You’ll receive current, up-to-date information from a bestselling author whose books are published all over the world. I’ll use examples from my books to illustrate what I mean, so that every teaching point is backed up with practical case studies – nothing will be just theoretical.

Some of the things we’ll cover are:

  • how the writing and publishing world actually works
  • different ways to approach the writing and the act of getting the words down
  • what readers respond to when it comes to characters
  • what it means when an editor asks you to “go deeper”
  • what’s often missing from the pages and how you can make sure you haven’t missed it in your pages
  • how to take a draft to the next level
  • how to make sure your book has a mood, a feel, a scope and an ambience that the reader can’t help but dive into
  • the intricacies of plot and structure and pace
  • how to tell if your idea is big enough
  • balancing the different elements of your book: story, research, character, setting, dialogue and action
  • the magic: what your story might be lacking
  • the details of synopses, submissions, agents and publishers

PLUS – when you book into the course, I’ll send you an email asking you what is the one thing you most want covered. And I’ll make sure to cover that in the course too. So, you get to plan some of the content of the course to best suit your needs.

What’s the Format?

Now that we’ve all become so used to using Zoom, I thought it would be great to run a course online so that anyone, anywhere, can attend. It’s likely to be the only course I run this year so hop in and book your spot if you’re interested!

The course runs over two Saturdays. It’s delivered via Zoom and limited to only 15 people. I’ll be talking and presenting using powerpoint on screen. You’ll be able to see me at all times, so you can raise your hand and ask questions just as you would in a face to face class.

Everyone’s microphone will be unmuted so you can chat and discuss things as they arise. I’m really trying to replicate the face to face experience as much as possible, while still providing access to anyone who might not live here in Perth!

Occasionally, you’ll breakout into small, private groups on Zoom to meet other participants, build your writing network and share writing exercises. There’ll be time for me to talk, for you to ask questions, for you to write and to take short breaks throughout the day.

When Does the Course Run?

The course runs from 9am AWST / 11am AEST to 3pm AWST / 5pm AEST on August 8 and 15. It’s a two day course, so you will attend BOTH days.

Who is the Course Designed For?

The course will suit anyone who wants to improve their writing. It’s probably not ideal for absolute beginners who haven’t yet begun to write anything. But you certainly don’t need to have finished a first draft of a book or have published anything. I just think you’ll get more out of the course if you’ve tried writing fiction in some way, shape or form – perhaps you’ve written some scenes, are halfway through a first draft, have written a couple of books that just haven’t gone anywhere.

If you’re not sure, you can always email me here to find out if the course will suit you.

What Does it Cost?

For two days of my devoted attention, you’ll pay $449 (incl GST) if you book by midnight on the 1st July. After that, the price increases to $489 (incl GST). If you’d like to pay in two instalments, please just email me here and that can be arranged. You can also click that link to ask me any questions about the course.

If you’re ready to dive in, you can: Book your place here

Remember that places are limited to 15 people and this is likely to be the only course I’ll run this year.

I LOVE writing so much and I feel so lucky that I get to do it for a living, that people read my books, that people enjoy my books and that I can spend my days making up stories. I would love for you to be able to do the same, for you to make your writing dreams come true. Maybe this course can be one of the first steps on that journey for you.