If you’ve been following my writing career, you might have noticed that it’s really taken off. Nowadays, with my books published all around the world, I sometimes feel like I’m drowning in admin. I’d like to spend a bit less time on the admin and a bit more time writing, so I’m looking for someone to assist with some admin/social media/ marketing/graphics work.

What the Job Involves

I’m looking for someone who can:

  • Draft Diary articles for this website (you’ll notice I haven’t posted anything for a while because I don’t have time!) This might be something like announcing a new book cover, announcing a new publishing deal etc.
  • Draft short articles for my newsletter.
  • Help organise my social media – for example, update my Instagram Story Highlights, organise my Facebook photos into Albums and Videos into Playlists.
  • Design simple graphics in Canva – for example a graphic to promote an upcoming event or book tour.
  • Respond to readers’ emails.
  • Do basic website updates (updating text, changing images etc, no coding required).
  • A bonus would be someone who can make short, simple videos from photographs using something like iMovie – for example a video showing all the Dior gowns that feature in The Paris Secret using existing photos.
  • Ideally, you’d have a bit of experience with Canva, perhaps some experience with WordPress websites although you can learn on the job, some experience with social media (mostly Facebook and Instagram), some experience with Mailchimp.

The Details

You’ll be paid for three hours of work per week. As this is new to me, I’m picking a number of hours that seems like it will make a difference to me, but this could go up to four hours at busy times or if it seems that more hours are required.

The pay is $30 – $40 per hour (plus GST if applicable), depending on experience. If you have all of the experience mentioned above, I’ll pay you $40 per hour. If you haven’t used a couple of the programs mentioned above and need training/require time for a learning curve, then I’ll pay you $30 per hour. If it’s something in between, it’ll be $35 per hour.

You will be required to submit an invoice each month and you will be paid monthly, two weeks in advance and two weeks in arrears. Payment will be made by bank transfer.

It’s not important which state you live in as we’ll mostly converse via email and Skype anyway. You’ll work from your home/your location.

You won’t be required to work between December 14 and January 31.

If I need to cancel our arrangement, I’ll give you two weeks notice and would appreciate the same from you.

Who Might Suit the Role

Anyone with an interest in books, reading, writing, authors and/or anyone interested in gaining some experience with marketing/graphics for a small business.

You might be an emerging writer who’d like the chance to work closely with an established author. Or, you might be at home with kids and looking for something to fill a few hours of time each week. Or you might be a student looking for some casual work. Or you might already be doing this kind of work in a professional capacity and would like a new client. Or … the list is endless!

Ideally, you’ll be self-motivated, able to work independently, have some flair for writing and simple design, a good communicator

How to Apply

Send me an email here.

In the email, please address each of the bullet points in the What the Job Involves section above, letting me know what experience you have with each. It’s fine to say you have none – I’d rather you be honest and learn something on the job in the same way I’ve taught myself Canva. Your experience might be that you have your own website and your own social media as an emerging author. That’s absolutely fine – you don’t need to have worked for someone else before.

Please attach a very short draft of an article (maybe 200 words) that you might write for my website to announce my recent two book deal. You can use this for details. You might want to look at the Diary section of my website to see how I would ordinarily write an article and submit it in the same style. This will give me a feel for how you write. Here’s an example to help.

Please also attach a very simple graphic you’ve created in Canva that’s designed to promote an event for The Paris Secret (jpg or png). Please don’t spend a whole lot of time on both the short article and the graphic; just spend around twenty to thirty minutes or so.

You’ll probably want to familiarise yourself with my website and social media to complete the above steps.

APPLICATIONS NOW CLOSED DUE TO OVERWHELMING INTEREST. If you’re selected for an interview, you’ll hear back from me via email by July 29.