Introducing Catherine Dior …

I expect most people have heard of Catherine’s brother, Christian Dior. But how many people have heard of Catherine Dior?

Catherine worked for the French Resistance during WWII. She was arrested by the Nazis and deported to Ravensbrück, a concentration camp for women. She escaped from the camp at the end of the war, ill, emaciated and barely alive. Her work with the French resistance was so important and so heroic that, after the war, she was awarded a Croix de Guerre and a Légion d’honneur.

Lost to History

Yet nobody knows about Catherine and her bravery. She risked her life for freedom and she is, arguably, the more heroic of the two Dior siblings but she, like so many women, has been lost to history. I wanted to bring her back to everyone’s notice because she deserves to be remembered and thus she is one of the characters in THE PARIS SECRET.

I always love to draw on real characters and real events in my fiction and, as soon as I heard about Catherine, I knew she would be one of the real-life inspirations in my book.

Find Out More

I’ve broken down the author talk I would have given at my cancelled Book Tour events into a series of short videos. This is the first in the series.

In this one, I talk the research I did into Catherine’s life. She was the trickiest research subject I’ve ever written about because, sadly, so little has been recorded about her life. I hope you enjoy getting to know her in THE PARIS SECRET, and I hope you enjoy the video.