Of all the ‘pinch-me’ moments of the last year, this one is probably the most exciting. I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that I’ve signed a contract to write another two books to be published in 2022 and 2023!

The first novel has a working title of To Lillie, From Paris. Set in Manhattan, Switzerland and Paris before and after WWII, it’s the story of a former spy who tries to begin a new life in France working as publicist for the just-launching House of Dior. It’ll be everything you’ve come to expect of a Natasha Lester novel – fascinating history, heroines fighting the status quo, and more than a solid dash of glamour.

It’s hard to imagine the work that goes on behind the scenes to bring these publishing deals together, but I can tell you it’s almost as hard as writing a first draft of a book. Almost.

I’m so grateful to my agent, Kevan Lyon, for bringing it to fruition and also to my wonderful, wonderful publishers, including Hachette Australia, New Zealand and USA, and Little, Brown Book Group in the UK. I often say how lucky I am to have the best publishers in the world – and it’s absolutely true.

But most of all – thank you to my fabulous readers. I can’t tell you what a lovely feeling it is to know I’ll be able to write the kinds of books I love for several years to come. But without your enthusiastic support, this dream would never have come true. Thank you!

For more information, read the Books and Publishing article, or contact Kevan Lyon at Marsal Lyon Literary Agency.