I’m so thrilled to announce that my next book after THE PARIS SECRET will be titled – THE RIVIERA HOUSE – and it will be released simultaneously in the US, Australia and New Zealand in September 2021.

Usually, my books have been released in April in Australia and New Zealand, and six months later in North America (sometimes under a different title), so it’s wonderful to know that readers across the world will have the chance to read THE RIVIERA HOUSE at the same time, with the same title.

I can’t yet go into too much detail yet about the story behind THE RIVIERA HOUSE but I can confirm it’s a World War II novel about an incredible woman who I first read about in Anne Sebba’s book Les Parisiennes – the same book that mentioned Catherine Dior and sparked THE PARIS SECRET. In the same way, I believe the woman at the centre of THE RIVIERA HOUSE deserves a story of her own.  I’m loving the fact that I’m unearthing her from the bowels of history and hopefully bringing her back to people’s attention.

The only other hint I can give is that the historical storyline is set all in Paris during the Second World War, and there’s also a contemporary story line which is mostly set on the French Riviera in a beautiful town called Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat.

Stay tuned for more story details and a cover reveal mid next year! But in the meantime, here’s a little visual cue I’ve been using to help me put the finishing touches to the novel. Taken from a vintage edition of Harper’s Bazaar, it perfectly sums up the relaxed glamour of the French riviera, non? And, a little fun fact, the swimsuit is a Claire McCardell design – a name you might remember from THE PARIS SECRET!